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The Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) is one of the wealthiest regions in Mainland China. It has a combined population of over 72 million people, and it is home to around 20% of the nation’s overall High New Worth Individuals (“HNWI”). GBA boasts a GDP of nearly HK$13 trillion. Hong Kong’s inherent advantage in its deep pool of financial and professional service talents in investment, wealth management, legal and tax advisory would become even more prominent, as its integration within the GBA continues. The rapid accumulation of wealth in the Asian region and within GBA has supercharged the Family Office industry.

But what is a Family Office really? What are different careers in the ecosystem of Family Offices? How should a young professional be planning for a career in this space?

Join us in this upcoming webinar under the FSDC Practitioner Speakers Series.

Our distinguished speakers will share how they entered the Family Office sector and advanced their careers, as well as how candidates could seize career opportunities in the field. Don’t miss the chance!

Register here : FOAHK x FSDC Internship Programme: My Career in Family Office – A Guide and an Admission Ticket


Jessica Cutrera | President of Leo Wealth

Grant Ko | Chairman of Wisdom Family Office

Jim Kwok | CEO & Co-founder of Topaz Family Office Limited


Dr King Au | Executive Director of Financial Services Development Council


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