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Bank of Singapore and Family Office Association Hong Kong (FOAHK) will jointly host the “A Guide to ESG Investing and Wealth Planning” webinar on Thursday, April 28, 2022, exclusive only to FOAHK members.

Braydon Barcham, Executive Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bank of Singapore, will explore the essential question – Why ESG and Why Now? He will also unwrap the common misconceptions in the world of ESG investing, and dive into the key themes and sectors of interest from an ESG perspective. Meanwhile, Nelson Hon, Director and Wealth Planning Specialist at Bank of Singapore, will share Bank of Singapore’s trust services and family office advisory solutions. This webinar will be moderated by Angel Chia, Board Committee Member of EAM Sub Committee & Philanthropy Sub Committee at Family Office Association Hong Kong (FOAHK)

  Date:  2022.April.28th
  Time:  4:00pm – 5:00pm 
  Type:  Webinar
  Host:  FOAHK & Bank of Singapore